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Michael Pelchat


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2013 - Tucson, AZ



Ken Korhonen the VP for Rallies West has offered these initial comments about the Tucson event.,

  1. We had a great time in Tucson and managed to have enough members (15 rigs) to have a meeting.
  2. Unfortunately our meeting did not accomplish much.  The nominating committee did not have candidates to replace either Jean or myself and no one volunteered for the positions. 
  3. There were a lot of people at the chapter fair.  We managed to gain one new member.
  4. There was minimal costs incurred and we submitted our costs to the treasurer.  We also managed to sell a few articles of clothing.
  5. There was some discussion about trying to have a West club rally this fall and Dan Moynahan and another member were going to check on sites and times.
  6. Jean will develop minutes and send them to you.
  7. The general consensus from those members who knew Mr. Charles “Chris” Christy is that he should  be awarded our Club’s “Honorary Lifetime Membership” (HLM)  for calendar year 2013.





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