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Michael Pelchat
Michael Pelchat


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Welcome - December 2013


Welcome to the Workhorse Chassis Motorhome Club 






The Workhorse Chassis Motorhome Club is Now Accepting Electronic Payments for

New Memberships and Renewals


At our recent Rally West and Rally East the proposal was put forward that we should make our membership dues easier to process via electronic means and we have just today been able to achieve that.   In the past, our former Workhorse Corporate site was managed by WCC's IT department and was only able to renew memberships electronically using PayPal resources.   The PayPal fees were absorbed by the company however at this time we are assuming those charges as we are on our own. 


Over these past few years, our PayPal account remianed active however it was used infrequently if ever.  Our Treasurer, Dick Callister, had the best working knowledge about it and he called PayPal to see what needed to be done so we could resume accepting electronic payments on our new website.  


Having obtained direction to create a new receivables page, Dick was able to define what we needed and a page was setup to accept renewals and now new memberships.  On the payment page,  a "Ship To:" questionaire was enabled requesting member address data and an extra field was enabled so that members could write additional comments.  Once the page was defined, the press of a button compiled the page and a paragraph full of code was generated.

On this side, we were able to plug in the code using a special editor, test the process and we were successful after a brief learning curve.  To verify that the page was accepting payments, I was able to process my renewal and our treasurer received an eMail that my membership had renewed.    I also received an eMail in my Outlook that said the same thing confirming that it worked and my membership was renewed.


This effort gains the Club 3 valuable resources.  Convienience for the members in being able to go online and quickly renew their membership, "New" applications for Club membership can now be accepted electronically and our VP of Membership is able to update and verify our membership data.


I would say that the new technology we enabled has increased the value of this site considerably.   I am pleased that as a team, we were able to meet our needs and achive our expectations on our own.


Moving forward, we still need to fill the Newsletter Editor position.  Sadly, we have not been able to man this job and the job is not geting done.  I would hope that one of our members can step up and volunteer to take on the Editor job.    It's not all that difficult to do, it is fun for some folks and it's necessary for our members that are not connected to the Internet.


Here's wishing you the Very Best for the Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year.


Mike Pelchat








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