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Michael Pelchat
Michael Pelchat


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Welcome - January 2013



The WCMC "Official" Website is Now in Commission.


The WCMC Information Technologies Committee is pleased to announce that as of today, our entire membership has been transferred to this website and is therefore open for business.


By now you may have received your 1st of many of what we will call an "eMail Blast."  Those will be pushed out to you when we need to get out information to the membership in regard to News and Information that directly affects you our members.


At this time there is a wealth of information including, chassis guides, electrical diagrams, product information, historical data, product brochures, service manuals, specifications including every recall that might affect our Workhorse owners. 


In the future, we hope to have technical contributors add value to our site by publishing technical articles, maintenance tips and upgrades of all types.


This is NOT the previous website that was maintained by our long time host Workhorse Custom Chassis but a completely new venture full of all types of useful information.  To access our content you must be a WCMC member.  There is more benefit toward being a member than ever before. 


If you have any suggestions or immediate needs please feel free to use the "Contact Us" resource above.


For a quick daily Workhorse News fix;  please note the "facebook" F in the bottom right hand side of the page.  We invite you to click on the icon and √ LIKE √  the page .... Give it a try.  There have been many hundreds of pictures that have been uploaded on facebook and that is one of the best features.  What you will find here that is not available on facebook is our reference library.   Once you login to the site, our library titled "Service and Maintenance" will present over 11 pages of content and that list will grow in time. 


In regard to our WCMC Newsletter, you will find that the current Newsletters will be immediately available and the "Archives" are also available with just a single click.  Look for the "Our Newsletter" link once you login. 


We are also pleased to have put up a WCMC Rally page where we list and describe all of the East and West rallies that have been held over the past 10 years including access to photos that were taken during these events.


We bid you all a warm welcome!  Please do drop in and visit here often.  You'll be hearing from us ... 


Michael Pelchat


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