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Michael Pelchat
Michael Pelchat


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Service & Maintenance




Welcome to the "Service and Maintenance" section of the Workhorse Club website. 


As a "Public Service" and since there are few resources that will list the complete set of important service items and notices; we are pleased to make "Public" our list of  "Workhorse Recalls."   Remember, these recalls need to be completed on your vehicle and there should be no charge to accomplish the recalls. 

Please click on the "Recall" tab to see the posted NHTSA Recalls for Workhorse RV Products.  If there are any missing recalls please give us a heads up using the "Contact Us" (tab) and we'll make the appropriate adjustment or addition.


Once  you are a member of the "Workhorse Chassis Motorhome Club" you will have full access to all 14 sections of critical service and maintenance information whether you are just getting into a Workhorse fort he 1st time or if you have owned your rig for many years.  As a member, you may even download the last published 2010 Workhorse Chassis Guide.  (over 100 pages in PDF format)


We are constantly looking for additional service related items to include in this category and if you think that we should have one item or another of missing information, please kindly contact us.


Thank you.

Mike Pelchat

President, WCMC










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