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Michael Pelchat


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WCMC Rallies


Welcome to the Workhorse Chassis Motorhome Club -

"WCMC Rallies Page"


We are pleased to place our WCMC Rallies in the public view beginning with the Palm Desert - 2010 rally through the present day.  Our rallies occur twice a year and are focused on providing our members with a Rally East and a Rally West.  Each of these is managed by a person called a "Host."  The host works in concert with a Club officer called the VP for Rallies East or VP for Rallies West.  


WCMC members have access to this site and can see all the rallies from 2002 through the most recent.

We also invite you to browse our facebook wall.  The majority of our rally pictures are hosted on facebook as we can upload 100 pictures at a time and it's so much easier to manage.  The "Blue" F in the bottom right hand corner will take you directly to our wall. 

NOTE:  WCMC rallies and events still being PLANNED are located under the "EVENTS CALENDAR" tab.






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